10 Quick Logo Design Tips

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Two questions keep popping up about logos; What makes a good logo? And, do you need one? Find out the answers below.

A logo makes your company look more professional to the consumer. It immediately identifies your brand. Over time, it establishes a sense of quality and confidence that people can expect when they see it.

Here are my top 10 tips when it comes to designing and creating a logo. The tips also apply to designing an ebook cover or software box.

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1) Avoid simple logo symbols for young companies. Use a word or logotype instead. If your product is an original or made-up word, it will be easier to brand and remember.

2) Stay away from stock photography or clipart images. You want to look different. Create it yourself or get it custom-made.

3) Select a color that is opposite from your major competitors.

4) Make sure the typeface is very legible and easy to read from a distance.

5) According to a recent survey by Xerox, the logo colors most associated with success are shades of red and blue.

6) If red and blue are not available, consider orange, yellow, green, or purple, rather than a mixed color

7) If no solid color remains, choose two very contrasting colors, like blue with orange.

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8) Standardize your logo color on all communications and media. Studies have shown that if the hue on a box is off by a tiny amount, consumers won’t buy it. It will sit there with shelf rot until it’s thrown out.

9) Keep your logo consistent. Please do not change it every year or two. Logo recognition – like success – takes time and commitment.

10) According to Al Ries, the branding expert, “Design logos to fit the eyes. Both eyes. For the greatest visual impact, a logotype should have the same shape as a windshield of a car. That’s roughly two and one-fourth units wide by one unit high.” (2.25 x 1)

Take these ten tips into consideration before you design your logo. Your unique design will help position your company in its product category.

Commit to being patient and consistent. If you keep advertising, your market share will grow over time. So will your brand awareness.

Michael Warren Campbell

P. S.

What about you? Have you designed logos for you customers? How did they like them. What do you think about using an icon instead of a logotype in the beginning? Do you have any logo design tips that I missed?

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