Articles by Michael W. Campbell

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What Are The Best Promotional Products?

Here’s how to buy swag that people will actually use and get your advertising message in front of thousands of people. Read it in: 1 min 55 sec.

10 Quick Logo Design Tips For Successful Branding

A logo makes you look professional. It identifies your brand. Here are 10 tips to help you design and create a successful logo. Read it in 1 min 29 sec.

Product Copywriting Made Easy

What’s the secret to being a great product copywriter? I worked as head of creative for a large agency and here’s what I discovered. Read it in 2 min 21 sec.

How Emotional Ad Copy Will Increase Your Profits

Boost your conversion rate from .5% up to 10%. Discover how to trigger an emotional response, make people lean in, take notice, and act. Read it in 2 min 17 sec.


How to Get Email Subscribers & Keep Customers for Life

How do you get email subscribers? This article reveals the secrets. How to get them, treat them and keep them as customers for life. Read it in 3 min 50 sec.

Public Relations

Three Quick Tips on How to Resolve Customer Complaints

To resolve customer complaints, ask these three simple question to resolve the issue and keep the customer for life. Read it in 1 min 44 sec.

How to Get Testimonials and Use Them to Increase Sales

Testimonials bypass a customer’s emotions and logic, remove risk and overrule objections. Here’s how they can increase your sales. Read it in 2 min 19 sec.


How Amateur Video Outsold a Professional Salesletter

Here’s how a video with bad lighting, poor framing, and little production outsold a $10,000 sales letter by more than 300%. Read it in 4 min 52 sec.

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If You Do SEO, Fire Your Clients!

If you do SEO for clients, fire them all. Do SEO on your own sites. You’ll make a lot more money with a lot less stress. Read it in 1 min 55 sec.


The Future of Search is Voice, AI, and Holograms

Google stopped being a search engine a long time ago. Their secret objective is to become an oracle. Here’s why! Read it in 2 min 52 sec.

The Secret to Success is Getting There First

Here’s How I made $200,000 in 48 hours following 120-year-old advice by Mark Twain. Read it in 3 min 58 sec.


One Simple Secret that Leads to Success

Being a giver and contributing to others ultimately leads to your own success. Here’s what happens when you give. Read it in 1 min 58 sec.



Discover How Blue Light Can Increase Your Productivity

To be instantly productive and happy, forget new software, or another cup of coffee. Use blue light instead! Read it in 2 min 32 sec.


The One Simple Business Strategy That Leads To Success

Ever wondered how some companies become so successful that they evolve into cultural icons? This quick story reveals the secret. Read it in 1 min 58 sec.

Management by Trust Instead of by Fear

How to manage people with positive rewards, be part of a team, and work together in a happy environment. Read it in 2 min 48 sec.

15 Quick Tips to Increase Your Productivity

15 proven, quick tips, to help you get more done, in less time, with less stress. Read it in 3 min 14 sec.



5 Quick Tips To Achieve Happiness

Are you usually happy? Would you like to be happy every day of your life? Here’s the secret! Read it in 2 min 45 sec.