The Future of Search is Voice, AI, and Holograms

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Google stopped being a search engine a long time ago. Their secret objective is to become an oracle, a one-stop answer to everything. They want to answer all world’s search queries themselves. Why? Because no one uses the internet anymore.

People spend all their time in apps and walled gardens. Think about it for a second. How do you find out about a website or blog that might interest you? It often comes from social mentions, which are usually apps.

When was the last time that you simply browsed the internet? Usually, there is some intent behind it.

If you need the answer to a question, especially about health or things you don’t want the public to know about, Google the oracle is waiting. If you are shopping for an item, you probably turn to Amazon reviews.

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The rest of the day is usually spent using software and apps. For example, you might read news from an app. If you want recommendations from friends, there are social apps like Twitter. If you’re looking for a tribe or community to discuss similar interests, there are walled gardens like Facebook.

Other popular destinations include TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, Reddit, Wikipedia, CNN, Fandom, Pinterest, and about 30 more sites. These, along with Amazon, Google, and Facebook, get more daily visits than the rest of the internet combined.

My point is this, the top 40 or so websites are type-in traffic. Meaning that people know the domain name URL and type it into their browser. They do not go to the search engine to find them. They go directly to them.

Everyone doing SEO (search engine optimization) is just feeding the oracle. They keep telling you to write articles. To answer questions the customers ask. Google sucks these answers up and presents them to the searcher, so they don’t even have to leave the search engine.

HubSpot reporting on research by SparkToro, stated, “65% of Google searches in 2020 were ‘zero click’ that means people got what they needed from the search results alone, and didn’t click into any site.”

So there you have it, no one uses the internet anymore. They use apps, walled gardens, and typed-in destinations.

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Conventional Google SEO is basically dead. The only way people will find out about you in the future – unless you have a top spot in the search engine – is through social mention or advertising.

Speaking of which, therein lies the real reason Google wants to keep all the eyeballs on its site. They want ALL the ad revenue. They don’t want you to click off and browse some random website. They either want you to stay on the oracle or click on a paid ad, not the organic results.

So what’s next for the internet? Just wait a sec. I’ll go ask the oracle. Note I said ask, not search. Google is becoming an oracle for the day when voice search is more popular than typing.

“The future of search is AI, voice, and interactive holograms.” ~ Michael W. Campbell

If you have watched futuristic science fiction shows, you know that they simply call for the computer, and it activates. That, my friends, is the future and why Google is trying to become an oracle.

For shopping and getting deliveries, people will continue to gravitate towards Amazon’s Alexa. And as much as I am an Apple fan since 1987, Siri just plain sucks, unless you want it to play music.

So if you want a question answered, ask Google. Want to get shopping done? Ask Amazon. Want to play music? Ask Apple. Want to hang with friends? Go to social media sites. But don’t be surprised if, in the future, you do it all by voice.

Michael Warren Campbell

P. S.

What about you? Are you using apps and private walled gardens most of the time? Do you only search when you have a question, or do you still browse the internet? Do you think AI, voice, and holograms are the future of search?

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