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Imagine that you had to write excellent ad copy, for hundreds of clients, as part of your job description. Pumping out dozens of creatives, one after another, all day long.

I’m not talking direct mail pieces or lengthy sales letters. I’m talking flyers, brochures, shelf talkers, wobblers, door hangers, and other advertising collateral.

I’m talking about clients that walk into the printing plant at two in the afternoon. Then want something on the press by five. There’s no time for whining, writer’s block, or other excuses when the account is worth millions.

So what’s the secret behind being an “instant” product copywriter? Well, I did it as a freelancer for many years. I was also head of creative for a large agency. I picked up a few tips along the way that I can share.

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You’ve heard the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, or every picture tells a story. That’s the secret behind every great “instant” copywriter. You find a photo or have the client provide one and create a story behind it.

For example, one of our largest clients dropped a photo on my desk at two in the afternoon. It showed three cartons of juice, a hockey puck, and a hockey stick. So what are you going to write?

Remember, this thing needs to get written, designed, and proofed. Then have film and plates made. Another proof, then on the press, printed, stacked, cut, and shipped within hours.

So I said to myself, all I need to do, is tell a story that involves the elements in the picture. Within minutes of receiving the photo, I was already writing the copy…

Hey Mom, you’ll score big with this trio of winners. Try all three outstanding flavors. You’ll see why we call them our hat trick.

There are Raspberry Cocktail, Pure Orange Juice, and Grapefruit Juice from concentrate.

Good tasting nutritious juice for your family. Ready to enjoy any time of day. Order some today and make your fridge a hall of fame!

I tied in hockey language like the hall of fame, winning, a hat trick. Then told mom that the juice is nutritious and enjoyable at any time. I wrapped it up with a strong call to action and an emotional reward at the end.

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Simple huh? If you tell a story and write to the person viewing the picture, conversion rates go up. Way up! Even if you have to use stock photography, you’ll never be stuck for words.

For example, let’s say you want to sell aluminum foil. Get a stock photo of a family on a picnic and write about it. Tell the viewer how your brand of aluminum foil trays is strong enough to save the day. Perfect for everyone from world-class caterers to grandma’s humble cabbage rolls.

See how fun it can be?

I always thought that it was an easy job being a copywriter. You can make it easy too. Tie the creative into and around the picture, and you’ll magnify your sales.

Oh, one last thing, that company I wrote the juice ad for? They’re one of the world’s largest private dairy brands, doing billions of dollars per year in sales. I wrote and designed their home delivery service ads for over five years.

I can promise you that this method works. Not only did the client love it, but so did their customers. And that’s all that matters because they spoke with their wallets!

Michael Warren Campbell

P. S.

What about you? Do you ever get writers block? Do you have any tips or tricks that help you get unblocked? What works best for you, to write the copy first, or get the artwork and photos first?

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