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Typography Guidelines

Typography Guidelines For Websites, Computer Screens, and Mobile Devices

How to balance site speed, readability, legibility, time on site, and ease of use. Plus, one little known secret that leads to blazing fast websites.

Color Persuasion

The Science of using Color to Persuade and Influence Purchasing Decisions

Simple changes like color can lead to significant changes in sales and conversion rates. That’s because every time you pick one, you’re also choosing several hidden meanings and messages. Discover the hidden secrets of color in this free ebook.

The Uncovery

How to Discover Hidden Revenue Streams in Your Passions, Skills, and Dreams

Do work that you love to do. For if you truly love what you do, you’ll never burn out. You’ll never lose your passion. Your work will be a joy, something you look forward to day after day. It will never seem like work, and you’ll always be happy. Download “The Uncovery” workbook now. It’s a free PDF to help you get everything you can out of life.

Clicking it Rich 2.0

The PPC (Pay Per Click) Affiliate Marketing System for Fast and Easy Wealth

This guide explains how I made 1.7 million net profit, in 18 short months, without Google, Facebook, Youtube, Amazon, or Social Media of any kind, at the age of 60. And if I can do it at the age of 60, so can you! It’s $5,000 worth of training from a 33-year marketing veteran, and it’s yours free.

Business Typology

A virtual filing system to organize, categorize, tag, and store digital documents, so you can retrieve them FAST!

Everything else in life comes and goes, including money, possessions, education, health, skills, etc. Time is the only thing that we cannot make more of. Since we cannot make more of it, all we can do is save it. So that’s why I created Business Typology… to help you get more of your life back.

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