Business Typology

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A virtual filing system to organize, categorize, tag, and store digital documents, so you can retrieve them FAST!

Everything else in life comes and goes, including money, possessions, education, health, skills, etc. Time is the only thing that we cannot make more of. Since we cannot make more of it, all we can do is save it.

So that’s why I created Business Typology. It has only one purpose… to help you get more of your life back.

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

It’s hard to find definitive numbers, but experts agree that we spend months of our lives looking for things. Some say it’s a year of our life, others say it’s as high as three years! These are things that came into our awareness, and we know that we have them somewhere, but we can’t remember where we put them.

That’s where this Business Typology document and the accompanying Virtual Filing System come in. This document identifies all the components of running a business and breaks them down into categories and tags, so you’ll know where to file things. The Virtual Filing System are folders that you can put on your hard drive and use right away.

Between these two, you will be better equipped to organize content, blogs, websites, PDFs, bills, scans, and all the other digital documents in your life. It works on any computer operating system that uses hierarchical directories or folders.

You can also use this system to replace all the steel filing cabinets in your office. All it takes is a scanner or smartphone app to convert paper into digital PDF files, which you then file into the Virtual Filing System. If someone needs a paper copy, you can print it on demand.

I have every email, digital document, and word that I’ve written, going back to 1997. Better than that, I know where to find my documents within a few seconds.

Now, thanks to Business Typology and the Virtual Filing System, you can too.

I hope that you enjoy using this filing system. And that it serves you well for years to come.


Michael Warren Campbell

P. S.

This work took me five years to complete. It’s a free download. There are no affiliate links inside. And it won’t even cost you an email address. Please share it with your friends, colleagues, coworkers, and anyone else that you think will benefit from it.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments about Business Typology, message me @dmcorp on Twitter, or dynamic888 on Skype.

Link to this webpage here:

Business Typology Downloads

Business Typology

This is the main PDF document. It explains how to use the categories and tags of Business Typology to know where to file digital documents in the Virtual Filing System. It also gives some background and insight into how Business Typology was invented and how it evolved over five years.

Business Typology Cheat Sheets

There are two versions of the BT Cheat Sheets in this zip file. One plain text and the other a PDF. They contain the exact same list of categories and tags as the main document. (You really don’t need the background story on how the Business Typology came to be when all you want to do is file stuff.)

So leave the BT Cheat Sheet on your computer desktop or sitting out where it’s easy to find. Then if you have something like a bookmark or PDF file, and you don’t know where to file it, plug in a keyword and search the BT Cheat Sheet.

Virtual Filing System Folders

In this zip file there is a hierarchy of nested folders for your hard drive. These are pre-named with all the categories and subcategories. Just click the link below to download it. Unzip it. Then drag it to your hard drive, and it’s ready to use.

Virtual Filing System Browser Bookmarks

In this zip file there is an HTML file with bookmarks for your browser. These folders are pre-named with all the categories and subcategories. Just choose ‘import bookmarks’ to add them to your browser, and it’s ready to use. (Back up your existing ones first!)