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Imagine earning enough money to retire in just 18 months. What would you do with over a million dollars in net profits? Would you quit the rat race, give back as a philanthropist, or keep going?

Recently, I did just that. I made 1.7 million dollars, net profit, in 18 short months, without Google, Facebook, Youtube, or social media of any kind. There was no Amazon, no inventory, no staff, no commute, no boss, or hassles of any kind. And I did it at the age of 60!

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My method was simple, I used PPC on Bing (Microsoft Advertising) and sold stuff through affiliate programs. That’s it! That’s all there was to it.

What? You think making money has to be complicated? That’s because your schooling and education taught you to be compliant. It trained you to get careers like good little boys and girls.

Wake up! Don’t work for the system. Be the system.

I’m trying to get you out of that industrial age mindset because it doesn’t work anymore. The educational system is based on 100-year-old methodologies of memorizing, compliance, standardized testing, and learning how to be good consumers.

Having a job and being a consumer is the hard road to riches. The wealthiest people will always be the creators who came up with ideas, such as the patent or license holder, inventor, innovator, author, manufacturer, or producer. They create the products that get consumed.

The second wealthiest people are the salespeople, merchants, marketers, and affiliates, who sell the products to the consumers. It’s the people who put the deal together, those who bring the creator’s idea to the masses.

If there is any downside to being an affiliate marketer, it does get a bit lonely sometimes. The “laptop lifestyle” or work from home model does miss social interaction with others. But don’t let that stop you. There are plenty of social media groups with similar mindsets that you can seek out and join.

The upsides to being an affiliate are numerous. There’s no alarm clock or getting up early, no commute, no boss, or coworkers dragging you down, ruining your days. There’s no bag lunches or shopping for work clothes. You can sit and work in pajamas all day if you want to.

You can work when you want, for as long as you want, from wherever you are. And who doesn’t want that?

Affiliates don’t have to worry about physical inventory, drop shipping, customer complaints, returns, refunds, or anything associated with running a physical dirt world store. You don’t need to worry about search engines, making videos, or social media.

Are you beginning to see a pattern here? Everyone says you need to conform because that’s how life is. To get a job, have a career, work your way up the ladder, and be busy doing all these things. But you don’t.

Conformity is a lie. It’s all bullshit that you were programmed to believe. I am about to show you how easy it is to drop that fixed mindset and become successful. I’m talking wealth, freedom, satisfaction, and happiness. You can have it all, and here’s how…

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The Real Truth Exposed #1

You only need one traffic source. Bing has only 10% of the search volume, but it’s inexpensive to advertise there. It has a higher Baby Boomer and Gen X audience, and that’s where all the disposable income is.

Most advertising is aimed at youth, people under 30. Most people under 30 have been brainwashed to comply with society’s expectations. After high school, they graduate university with a degree that offers no practical skills and a mountain of debt. They have no money.

So if you want to make a lot of money, advertise products and services to the age groups with savings or disposable income. That means you’ll earn more in a shorter time because the audience, persona, avatar, target market, whatever you want to call it, has real money to spend.

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The Real Truth Exposed #2

PPC advertising is better for affiliate marketing than all other forms of advertising combined. Why? Because it’s perfect timing. People are actively searching for what you are advertising.

  • PPC is fast, other traffic methods are not
  • PPC is consistent. Others are not
  • PPC is predictable. Others are not
  • PPC has fewer rules and restrictions
  • PPC comes before organic search results
  • PPC provides instant traffic for testing

With PPC, you can split test a market, product idea, landing page, concept, headline, or book title, in less than an hour, for about $20. If you tried to do the same thing with other methods like organic search, focus groups, or video, it would take months of time and insane amounts of money.

PPC has perfect timing. It’s the right audience at the right time.

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The Real Truth Exposed #3

To do affiliate marketing, you must understand what makes us human. You need to know the motives behind a purchase. What are the needs, wants, hopes, dreams, and desires that lead someone to buy something?

Once you understand this “magic sauce,” you can have empathy towards your customer. You’ll know what they want and why they want it.

The second most potent thing besides knowing your audience is what they are likely to buy and why they want to buy it.

Now that you are inside the customers’ heads, it’s easy to write advertising (the PPC Bing ads) that tap their desires. You then aim that desire like a laser beam onto the product you’re selling as a solution to that desire.

You transfer your confidence to the reader. You want them to say in their head, yes, this is all about me. This is what I was looking for.

From the click on the ad, you send the visitor to a landing page. It could be one that you created, or you can send the click directly to the merchant where the purchase is made.

This is where you convert the prospect into the customer. You want them to believe that yours is the right product. Today is the right day to buy it. This is the company I want to buy from. And it’s going to work!

You persuade and influence, not through features, facts, and figures, but through benefits, emotions, and end results. Show how you want the customer to feel after buying and using the product.

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The Real Truth Exposed #4

Who would you rather learn from, a con man or someone who’s been there, done it, and is still wearing the t-shirt?

The internet is full of bullshit. Anyone can rent an expensive car, park in front of a mansion, hire bikini girls by the hour and make outrageous claims.

Did the shill show insane proof of earnings on bank statements? Bullshit. Any first-year graphic designer with a photo editing app can fake those.

But every year, thousands of unsuspecting people are hypnotized by two-hour webinars and bilked into “push-button autopilot systems” that will make them rich.

Then, after they have your money, you’ll find their “system” doesn’t work for you. So the scammers persuade you to join their private site (cult) and say that you need a coach. Then you pay them more money.

These cults will not stop until you are financially dry. Then they’ll say you’re a loser, another failure, and kick your ass to the curb. It’s horrible, it’s bullshit, and there are victims of these predators every day.

As a digital marketing consultant with over 33 years of experience, I’ve helped thousands of people, small business owners, solopreneurs, and affiliate marketers, become successful. Many have become millionaires. And I have hundreds of testimonials to prove it.

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The Real Truth Exposed #5

If you are decent at PPC, SEO, or writing content, articles, and advertising, FIRE THE CLIENTS. Fire the boss. Fire them all. You do not need them. But first…

You can start affiliate marketing in your spare time, in the evenings, and on the weekends. If you choose good markets, understand the customer, and write good copy (all of which I will teach you), you’ll soon be earning more than your day job.

So long as you don’t mind working from home, or having a wandering laptop lifestyle, then affiliate marketing is a dream come true. Ditch the commute, the boss, extra gas, and car insurance. Throw out your office clothes, eat better, live better, have a life on your terms, not what society dictated.

Are you ready to smash your alarm clock and choose your own path? To go your own way. To enjoy the freedom, wealth, and happiness that only affiliate marketing can bring? If yes, I’m here to guide you on that journey.

This image shows the cover of the free ebook “Clicking it Rich 2” by Michael Warren Campbell.

In my course Clicking it Rich, I hand you a complete PPC Affiliate Marketing System for Fast and Easy Wealth. I tell you exactly how I made 1.7 million net profit, in 18 short months, without Google, Facebook, Youtube, Amazon, or Social Media of any kind, at the age of 60. And if I can do it at the age of 60, so can you!

I hand you everything you need to know about doing PPC on Bing and using affiliate programs to make money. I show you how to find markets, do keyword research, build personas, write the advertising, and find good affiliate programs.

Yes, you can become an overnight success in affiliate marketing. I’ve trained hundreds of regular, everyday folk how to do this. I’m talking truck drivers, stay-at-home moms, and yoga instructors. Guided them from dreamers to millionaires.

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Michael Warren Campbell

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