How Color Influences Purchasing Decisions

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The Science of using Color to Persuade and Influence Purchasing Decisions

Which Colors will Increase Sales in Your Market?

This research is focused on one thing only. How to maximize your sales and conversions with the use of color. As a designer, product creator, webmaster, marketer, or advertiser, you need to answer these questions:

  1. What colors will the customer respond to?
  2. What colors should represent the brand?
  3. What colors are best for the logo & packaging?
  4. How will color affect the emotion of my customers?
  5. How does color influence their purchasing decisions?
  6. What colors will improve my conversion rates?

The only way you can answer these questions is by testing. Why? Because if you’re selling without testing, you’re only guessing. If you’re guessing, instead of testing, you’re losing money.

As the old saying goes, “Mighty doors swing on tiny hinges.” It’s the same thing with color. Simple changes like color can lead to significant changes in sales and conversion rates. That’s because every time you pick one, you’re also choosing several hidden meanings and messages.

In this book, I share what I discovered after hundreds of hours of research and testing. I reveal what each color means. The psychological impact that it has on the mind of consumers. And its ability to persuade and influence our purchasing decisions.

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“Love is probably too strong a word. However, I did find the book helpful and worthwhile reading. As someone who builds websites, I recommend this book. It lets you know which colors are appropriate for each market.” ~ 5/5 stars Amazon review by G. Miller

Color Persuasion is a great book. Very interesting indeed. I will test your color suggestions on each kind of product and service I offer. Thanks!” ~ 5/5 stars Amazon review by PTM

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