Typography Guidelines

An original graphic by Michael W. Campbell with the following text: Typography Guidelines For Websites, Computer Screens, and Mobile Devices. © Copyright 2021 Michael Warren Campbell.
Typography Guidelines For Websites, Computer Screens, and Mobile Devices

How to Balance Site Speed, Readability, Legibility, Time on Site, and Ease of Use

With the recent changes to Google, time spent on a website and site speed are significant ranking factors. If most people don’t stay on your site for at least the national average (57 seconds), it will hurt your rankings. And with all other SEO factors being equal, webpages that render the fastest will get better rankings!

Yes, the overall user experience, how aesthetically pleasing the page is, and how engaging the content is are critical. But what if you’re doing something by accident that’s driving visitors away?

For example, you might be using a typeface like Arial for your text, which was designed for railway and bus station signs. The reader gets tired and clicks off. They don’t know why your site made them tired, but it’s because the font wasn’t designed for body text.

So to improve the time spent on your website site and not drive people away by accident, I’ve written the Typography Guidelines For Websites. It will help make your content sticky and keep readers engaged longer.

Plus, in the report, I reveal how I scored 100% on Google’s Page Speed test. (It’s a little-known secret for blazing-fast websites.)

Click or tap to download the Typography Guidelines for Websites.

This is a direct link to a free download, and I don’t want your email address. (A webpage version of this document may be coming soon for those who prefer to read on mobile devices and phones.)


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